In the Works


Curing the Criminal     

Alternate history thriller

Grandanew, once a melting pot empire, is now beleaguered by superstitious Eugenics Laws and the second wave of a devastating plague. Mehira Nimka, desperate to escape both the disease and the restrictions of her criminal lineage, dreams of Gunther-by-the-Sea. A place where they say the population is healthy and anyone can become anything they want, regardless of their bloodline. 

Mehira has no money to get there though, and she certainly has the wrong pedigree to gain passage overseas. That is, until she stumbles upon a plan. 

On impulse, she swaps identities with her cousin of untainted lineage, solving one problem. Now she must fool the respectable landmaster who invited her cousin to his countryside estate in exchange for 500 quarts payment. This invitation, vague and suspicious as it is, feels destined for trouble. However the landmaster did not know her cousin, so it is possible to pass for her. And also, 500 quarts

But halfway through her stay, Mehira’s host is murdered, and she is found standing over the body. An inquiry would surely exonerate her. It would also expose every crime she has committed to get this far, and if Mehira cannot uncover the killer’s identity before the ensuing investigation reveals her own, the only trip she will be taking is the one to the gallows.

Winner 2018 10 percent