THE BECOMING: An audio short story

Romantic, modern fantasy

The message is stuck to my apartment door. “Your sister needs you.”

I rip off the sticky note, taking chipped red paint with it. My pulse grows heavy and hard, and it shakes all the way through my fingertips. 

Behind me, the outdoor hallway feels alive with summer night and shadow. I push out my senses and feel nothing. I am a woman alone.  

But no one is supposed to know where I am. And no one is supposed to know I have a sister. 

*Episodes run approximately 7 to 15 minutes. *Total run time is approximately 1 hour, 45 minutes.



From 2019 to 2021, Anne hosted the podcast Your Writing Does Not Suck, along with editor Jessica Petersen and fellow writer Tracey Shearer. They commiserated about all things writerly, then hit listeners with an inspirational quote to ponder before sending them back to work.