In Grandanew, your ancestors’ crimes become your problem. It means a tattoo on your wrist and a restriction from the good-blooded areas. It means breadlines and brutalities and no hopes of a better life.

Mehira Nimka is desperate to escape this reality, and dreams of Gunther-by-the-Sea — a place, they say, where no one will care about her lineage. But Mehira has neither the money nor the pedigree to gain passage to that overseas fantasy. 

Until she steals a good-blooded identity. 

Specifically, the identity of a recently-deceased doppelgänger — a woman who had received a most unusual, and lucrative, proposal from a respectable landmaster. He has requested that she stay at his countryside estate in exchange for 5000 quarts payment and… that is all. Live in luxury for three months and earn easy funds to get to Gunther.

Terribly suspicious and facing a death penalty if caught, Mehira arrives to find others have also taken up this offer. And when their host is later murdered, and more deaths follow, Mehira knows if she cannot uncover the killer’s identity before the investigation reveals her own, the only trip she’ll be taking is the one to the gallows.