Curing the Criminal


Once a heralded melting-pot empire, Grandanew is now beleaguered by superstitious eugenics laws and the second wave of a devastating plague. Mehira Nimka, desperate to escape both the Brute Death disease and the restrictions of her criminal lineage, dreams of Gunther-by-the-Sea. A place people claim is free of the disease. A place where anyone can become anything they aspire to, regardless of their bloodline.

Mehira has no money to get there, though. And she certainly has the wrong pedigree to gain passage overseas. That is, until she stumbles upon a plan.

On impulse, she switches identity with someone of pure blood to cash in on a most peculiar proposition. A landmaster had invited this pure blood to his countryside estate in exchange for 500 quarts payment, even though they do not know each other. That is all, just stay at his estate for three months and receive a grand amount of money.

Is it strange? Yes. Too good to be true? Maybe. Are the mounting crimes necessary to pull off this scheme punishable by death? Absolutely.  But this is Mehira’s only chance to escape the existing death sentence of everyday life in a decaying city

However, soon after settling into the estate, Mehira’s host is murdered, and she is found standing over the body. Now, if she cannot uncover the killer’s identity before the ensuing investigation reveals her own, the only trip she will be taking is the one to the gallows.